I operate as a freelancer working on other productions, or can offer complete production and fast turnaround of films direct for the client. Commercials and online content. Training videos or documentation.


  • AJA Cion 4K camera with selection of Nikon vintage prime lenses. 

  • Pro-res format recording for high quality colour reproduction and smooth post production.

  • NIKON stills camera for additional SOME photography, or time-lapse photography.

  • Experience with sliders, jibs and gimbal stabilisers.

  • DRONE photography available on request.


  • Experienced sound recordist familiar with wireless, boom and studio microphones and professional field recorders.

  • Recent clients for sound recording include Film Agency Oslo, Snöball Films, Hinterland, Piraya, ITV and Anti-TV.

  • Mixing services for short films, documentaries, commercials and online content.


  • Mac-based Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier operator.

  • Film and video editing.

  • Audio editing and sound design.

  • Mixing.

  • Format conversions and encoding for online publishing.