I operate as a freelancer working on other productions, or develop projects from the ground up. Commercials and online content. Training videos or documentation. Films for funding campaigns. Send me a message about your project.


Many people wonder what it costs to produce a video. The process and scale of the final product have a lot to say about costs.

- Filming for a day, with camera, sound and lighting gear and one operator is generally less than 10,000 NOK.

- Filming for a few days in a documentary style, then editing a small 3-5 minute film out of that material, with licensed music and some simple graphics and / or subtitles will cost closer to 30,000 NOK.

- With a budget of 50,000 - 100,000 NOK there are entirely new possibilities to develop a script, film in a studio or special location with professional lighting and sound technicians in addition to camera and a dedicated director. A budget in this range also allows for more detailed and effective animations or filming with other more specialised techniques.